Hi, I’m Sarah. I awp-image-1308570777jpg.jpgm a storyteller and thinker spending my days designing beautiful narratives.

I coach leaders, business owners, and change-makers to share their visionary personal stories with national and international audiences.

It’s my mission to bring greater authenticity, power, and clarity to communications so that the most important and powerful stories are told.

When I’m not working with clients, I share stories from my own journey to build a wise and creative life.

My storytelling practice

My storytelling practice has developed from my background as a media and communications facilitator and years studying how wisdom practices can be applied to communications.

My storytelling practice has several unique elements:

Visionary stories – I love creating stories that challenge our concepts of what is real and possible in life. It’s my goal to design inspiring and motivational narratives which showcase our ability to transform the world through story.

Deep themes – I’m fascinated by how to dive into complex ideas and present them with nuance and grace.  I am continually chasing deeper perspectives on human motivations, psychology, and connectivity.

The power of slow – my work is all about finding beautiful moments and capturing them. This means I work thoroughly and closely with clients to allow deep, interesting, and powerful stories emerge.

Wisdom – I’ve been deeply involved in exploring consciousness and wisdom traditions for over 10 years. One of my missions is to draw on those traditions in fun and accessible ways to bring them to broader audiences through story. By connecting audiences to deep insights, it’s possible to open their thinking to entirely new ideas and possibilities.

Work with me

My love of stories has developed during years of crafting ideas for media organisations in Australia and overseas. I’ve facilitated workshops on communications for over 2,000 clients in corporate, non-for-profit, and government sectors.

Powerful stories aren’t just words spoken out loud – they are built on authenticity, strong energy, and presence. That’s why I have spent the last 10 years building wisdom practices into my communications work.

I use my knowledge of psychology, wellness mindsets, and deep spiritual practice to craft stories that connect with audiences on many levels. I specialise in seeing meta trends, deep themes, and delivering complex ideas with nuance and grace.

If you believe a Story Project is right for you, please get in touch and I’d love to share a story journey together.